Back to Basics- Salt & Typography

Today we discussed the basics of letter forms.


  • The 14 categories and what defines them into these categories.
  • How subtle changes to the direction/weight of a line can change an entire font.
  • Good fonts are really expensive.
  • And, thanks to the ‘Salt Exercise’, I now appreciate all of the detailing fonts have.

Below is the 14 Classifications of Typefaces:

  1. Classical: Humanist
  2. Classical: Geralde
  3. Classical: Transitional
  4. Modern: Didone
  5. Modern: Mechanistic
  6. Lineal: Grotesque
  7. Lineal: Neo-Grotesque
  8. Lineal: Geometric
  9. Lineal: Humanist
  10. Calligraphics: Glyphic
  11. Calligraphics: Script
  12. Calligraphcis: Graphic
  13. Blackletter
  14. Gaelic

What really taught me the importance and significant of subtlety in typefaces was the ‘Salt Exercise’, in which we had to replicate an existing font. Simple enough.. until you realise your version looks nothing like it. That’s when you begin to see the unique way the serif arches and the difference in weight of the curves.
My Font was ‘Centaur’ and, aside from a few angles being slightly off, I think I recognised all the small details that make the font up.

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