Long-Term Hot Topics

  • The Romney-Obama Debate
    The presidential race winner is announced Nov 7th. The two focal candidates are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney- Socialist Vs. Republican. It is heavily stressed in the news and has inspired a few jokes.

Below is a Voice Over video of Romney and two Batman inspired images, suggesting them both to be evil.


  • NHS
    The poor quality of the health care is always surfacing and in the last few weeks changes are being brought in to improve the reprutation. Many, however, feel things will only get worse before they get better.
  • Prime Minister
    and Deputy PM (David Cameron & Nick Clegg) are always at the front of the papers for cock-ups and false promises. They would be a very good target, perhaps an obvious and overdone one though?
  • Euro Zone Crisis
    I don’t understand money.
  • Syria
    There’s a big split in Syria due to two masses of people having split in opinions, generally over how the country should be governed. It has been raging since early 2011 and looks set to continue for quite some time.
  • Leveson Inquiry
    The enquiry about the press and their methods of ‘getting dirt’ on celebrities. It has been going for around a year now and is set to end soon. Chances are, however, that it will be back in the news shortly after.
    ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ & ‘Protect IP Act’ are two debates that have been going on surrounding the internet and peoples use of it. Many feel that the ability to use other peoples property is being abused and should be stopped.
    Mainly quietened down now though.

Perhaps it would be best to avoid the current affairs, due to the ever changing nature of them, but at the same time I could use this to my advantage somehow..
If I were to use any of the above, I would chose Obama Vs. Romney or the Leveson Enquiry simply because they are the set to be in the news for the longest amount of time and I know that people are able to see the light side to these stories.


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