Salt Letter Conclusion

At first I loved this practical assignment. Replicating the an existing typeface out of salt gave me a valuable lesson in how much detail is required to make a typeface good.

We were then told to create 10 variations of a letter, this was to gain an understanding of how radial and subtle changes can effect a font and its purpose. I was given the letter Q and below are my 10 variations.

The final part of the process was to choose one of the above typefaces and create the rest of the alphabet, to make a font. I chose the fifth style, as I found it sharp and simplistic. I named the font ‘Forty Five’ because of the 45 degree angles used throughout.
I found this task menial and repetitive, simply because I found myself looking at the mammoth task of creating 25 more letters and ultimately began to loose site of the details. I focused more on getting done so that I could get the video completed.
I do feel like this was the most tediously, unproductive part of the Salt Letter Assignment, which is a shame because, had I not needed to created so many letters, I could have focused far more of getting the widths and other details accurate.

Below is my video:


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