The Pixelink Team

Our Members & Our Skills/Talents-

  • Danny Michael- Strong Willed, Persuasive, Organised, Artistic (Fine), Well Spoken
  • Will Hill- Illustration, Team Player
  • Will Ward- Motion Graphics, Great Team Worker, Takes Instructions Well
  • Emily Vella- Fine Art is amazing!
  • Chris Hoare- Confident Speaker

(I haven’t really worked with Emily or Chris before, so am not sure how they work in a group)

Skills & Talents I think I Have– Organising, Team Worker, Natural Leader (Always seems to happen), Concept Development, Photoshop/Illustrator.

How These Skills Can Benefit Us-

I would personally quite happily sit back and let someone else take the reigns but already, just 2 weeks in, I have found my self naturally organising people and rallying us all together. I think this means I may have fallen into the Organising/Leading role. I would also be very very interested in being head of design concepts.

I straight away knew that Chris should be in charge of all presentations and essentially be ‘the face’ of the agency, selling our products to the clients. I think it would be a great use of his confidence.

Will Ward and Emily are both very good in their specialist subjects (Fine art & Motion Graphics) so I think they’d be suited running their own departments. Or perhaps Will running the department with Emily supplying graphics for him.

Danny is very well spoken and she quickly expressed an interest in coming up with the words for the products- Copywriter. But obviously she needs more of a part to play in the team, and I can see her being my right hand girl. In a sense she could always be keeping an eye on what everybody is doing, as obviously it would be impossible for me to do it alone.

Will Hill is a great team player, he always makes himself available for the team. I saw him being present the entire way through the process. There when the idea is developed and all the way through production to the final. This way there would be the same eye able to ensure the concept remains how it was intended.

These are only rough ideas of roles and it is very likely that they change. A few responsibilities listed above could be placed on one person.




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