Possibly the most frustrating thing I have ever done. Ever.

The Task Was To 1- Trace around ‘Adobe Garamond Pro’ until you were able to replicate the font freehand.
2- Do the same for a word written in ‘Adobe Garamond Pro italic‘.

I found task (1) relatively simple. It gave me an understanding of how an italic font has been, and should be, specifically designed to be italic (and the same for bold fonts). Below is my results.

Task (2) however, was a pain in the backside. I was given the word ‘Swash’ in Italic. Tracing it was a piece of cake but when it came to free hand drawing the ‘S’ I fell to pieces. I just couldn’t get the thing to stay with in the Cap Line and the Baseline, nor could I get the angling of the Spine right. It was a nightmare trying to get it to line up with the original!


This exercise taught me the difficulty in creating a font and it’s variations (Bold, Italic etc.)


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