Expressive Composition | Final Pieces

  “Disruption- A Deviation from the Expected Delivery
“Search- Looking or Seeking Carefully”

Below you can see that I tried two different ways of approaching each word. I thought the Alternative ‘Disruption’ looked too much like my ‘Wary’ piece from last year so I decided on the piece above. You read ‘disruption’ but something is wrong, the is upside down and I feel it really cashes in on deviating from what you expect to happen.

‘Search’ was a far more basic word but I found it so much harder to come up with a way to express it! I think where there is a stronger, deeper meaning to ‘disruption’ I could chose an angle to approach it from. But ‘search’ is pretty much what you see, a word that means to look for something. So, the best way I could think of approaching this one was either removing or hiding the letters. Alternative ‘Search’ shows a very radical way of doing this, radical and perhaps lazy? I essentially removed the word so that you have to search for it. Not sure it ticked the boxes though so I decided up the above image. At first glance you can read the word but then you stop and search for what is wrong. I placed the carefully behind the c and in a way that blends it in, making it tricky to actually spot what’s amiss.

Alternative ‘Search’

Alternative ‘Disruption’

I liked this task because it got me thinking laterally and outside the box. I am more pleased with ‘disruption’ than ‘search’ because of the difference in level of complexity in the meanings behind them.




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