Logo Brief

Kate cheekily got us to set ourselves a brief. Ours is here, it was rushed so it isn’t exactly crystal clear. One thing I did want to mention, but never got time to, was the Colour Scheme and how it should be relevant to our principles and image as we would likely build our companies colour scheme around that.

Key points to note from the brief- “combines the best of the hand drawn … with the best of the cutting edge world of digital graphics”
“We feel it’s important not to lose the art of design”
We work together as a group … then divide the workload according to our individual skills”
“skills lie in advertising and branding”
“brand identity that puts across our unique combination of illustration and digital skills”
“Our logo needs to communicate our unique philosophy”
“fresh, young, innovative”
“logo needs to be iconic and one that we can be proud of”

So this tells me to create an logo that is not the name written nicely, nor an emblem. I get the feeling from this that the logo should be as iconic as Nike, McDonalds, Playboy, Shell etc.
It could perhaps embody the ethos, by involving hand drawn elements but composed on a computer.
There is room to exploit the process of starting as one and later splitting into skill groups in the form of a triangular shape.

The big thing that I want to avoid, and will fight my team to the death over, is having a logo in which the ‘Pixel’ is written in pixels and then fades to the ‘ink’ written in (you guessed it) ink. This was one of the first things that came to be when the name was mentioned, which made me automatically recognise that it is simple and obvious and I want us to be better than that.

Some Ideas are below.

Click to Enlarge

1- Exactly what I said I wanted to avoid, a fancy looking title.
2- Again, not what I said I wanted. I liked the idea of the E and the L linking together though…
2.5- … So I got rid of the rest of the word and created a logo with just them two letters. It shows a link (a bridge) and this can be applied to the bridging together of Computer and Paper.
3- This idea is a hand drawn pixel. Powerful in regards to the ethos of Pixelink but not iconic or memorable.
4- Following on from the idea I had of triangulating into sub-skill groups, I built a triangle out of pixels. I think this one could look beautiful, if colours and positions were all considered carefully.
5- Oops. Star Trek.
6- Continues again with the triangle. I noticed that fountain pens have a triangled tip and so considered this. It doesn’t represent the ‘bridging’ of the two worlds at all well and just looks like a pen factory or something.
7- Followed on from 6, I cut the fountain pen shape out of a triangle but just looks like badge for a Star Trek outfit. I then also noticed, it looks a little like an ‘A’ and, to me, an Adobe product.
8- This is one of my favourites. It is subtle but there are so many elements that make this a good logo. It has the integration of the triangled pen shape, going into a square shaped ink pot. There is also the ‘cutting through’ which is a really positive thing to be associated with Pixelink. As well as this there is slight resemblance of a person which is always good in making us seem human and friendly. The downside to this is that the triangle is negative facing, not a good message.
9- Visually, this is my favourite. The idea was to ditch the pen and get out the brushes. I have made 2 brush tips create a triangle and below the triangle I have 5 heads (our team). The impression I wanted to create is one of 5 areas, all heading in the same direction. The only isue I could find with this logo design was the lack of ‘pixels’ being made aware.

This is my Logo Design for Pixelink:


The Concept- We start at the top and work out into individual skill-groups (the tip of the triangle flowing to the 5 pixels at the bottom represent this). The triangle is there to represent growth as well as a clear direction. It is made up of two brush tips and this represents the Manual world of design. The Pixels at the bottom represent the Digital world of it and our skill-groups.
I see the type is a very basic, thin font with the kerning between the ‘E’ and the ‘L’ removed until they touch. This will re-enforce the bridge/link between the two types of design.


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