Ong Paragraph

Here is the Ong Paragraph. It was an alignment project.

The first page was rather literal. I made space around the words ‘space’, I made ‘calligraphic’ into a swash font. Looking around the room, everyone was doing similar things.

So the second page was intentionally dull, I ignored all the obvious signs of alignment and lowered the leading and tracking to make it quite condense. Annoyingly, it worked to the complete opposite effect. Everyone who looked at it liked it! I now realise that, by fitting it into a small square, it created a position for itself in the middle of the page.

I moved onto the third page with the intention of fixing the problems of page two. I failed again. I did the complete opposite of the previous page, I added a huge lead and track but still it wasn’t boring.

Revelation!! Apparently, no matter what you do to a paragraph you can’t make the position boring. 

Page four was much like two but I took the line that said “justified on the right side” and justified it to the right. This worked so well in terms of being interesting because it not only uses the (unintentional) interesting placement of the second page but the idea of taking the text literally, just far more subtlety than page one.


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