Existing Pixelink Logo’s & Meeting

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Here are some existing examples of some logos other companies (also named pixelink) have designed for themselves.
I find them all cheap, tacky, obvious and lazy. The only slightly impressive one is ‘Pixelink Soloutions, graphic language’ because it subtlety highlights the ‘ink’ which draws attention to the two words merging.

I want our logo to avoid all the mistakes and ideas that the above ones have. I want something that is visually stunning and also represents our ethos. It has to have content and a meaning.

We have discussed what the logo should look like for quite some time. Yesterday (Wednesday 17th Oct) we had a group meeting to discuss some matters:

  • The branding (Colour Schemes, Fonts, Logo!)
  • Roles over the next week
  • Organisation Chart
  • Brief
  • Research

We resolved many issues and the plan for the next couple of days was this-

Chris (with his branding & marketing interests) would take the team of himself, Danny and Emily and produce a logo for me to see by 12pm today (18-10-12). It didn’t matter if it was finished or not, I just needed to make sure it was on the right track to avoid wasting any more time with it.
Emily would begin the website (structure not content) as we were still to decide on a colour scheme and fonts. This would come after the logo is approved and completed.
Chris and his team would select us a type and 3-colour colour scheme based on the logo. I have said that, as chief, I would need to approve all these things so they must convince me it works.
I need it to reflect us as an agency (which Chris’ Logo did not).
Once these things are decided, Emily can finish the website and we are branded!

I have got Will Hill & Will Ward breaking the brief into around 8-10 different categories and then share them out between themselves to research. This way they will have a broad angle of approaches when it comes to understanding the brief, what it wants, what the client wants and what the audience want. It should give us a good direction when it comes to formulating ideas.

My job was to create us a Facebook & Twitter page so that we would have a stronger web presence and to also give us an email address. I made a point, straight away, of letting the team know that only myself (and possibly one other) should communicate with the client as if we all begin chucking emails at him, he could begin to get annoyed. Furthermore, it is great to build one strong relationship with a client than 6 weak ones.
I also was responsible for arranging a visit to the museum so we could go and experience what we were about to sell. As well as this I needed to organise the team for the next few weeks (up until idea formulation) and make sure every one jobs until then.


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