First Mash Up | Hitler – Murdoch

Today, we had a lecture on Gutenburg’s Print Press and how it effected the entire world! I found it extremely interesting (which is rare for a spoken lecture). Right towards the end of it something was said that made me think of an entirely new idea for my mash up.
It was mentioned that Hitler ordered the burning of any books that didn’t support his beliefs. This was because he knew the power of books and how they could give people voices and opinions, it was his way of censoring and controlling what people read and, ultimately, what they believed. Clever.
Then we were told about how, today, the controlling force of newspapers in the UK is Rupert Murdoch. He has control about what goes into them and so essentially giving him control over what people read and, by using a particular way of wording things, what they believe.

These two immediately joined in my head as a great idea of a route to take. It tackles a current issue, mentioned before, and has cultural and social connotations.

Excited by this, I couldn’t wait to get it visual. This would be a good way to quickly tell if it would be a good route to pursue. Below is my first attempt at Hitler-Murdoch.

I used the two pictures below. I feel like, visually, it is well executed but the message of control is kind of lost. Showing it to my family, they didn’t understand the relation to media control and censoring of exposure. They just saw it as Murdoch is an evil man. Hitler is an evil man.
Perhaps, if I were to explore this avenue further, look at a way to make the ‘burning of the books’ clearer.




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