Topic for Project

I know I want to challenge myself conceptually so have listed 3 possible ad campaigns I could work on.

  1. An Invention that was around way before it could be properly advertised.
    (e.g. The car, the wheel, printing press, electricity/light bulb)
    I would go around this by research, thoroughly, the item I chose and then use today’s technologies to create a theory-based solution to advertise it.
    The benefit of this are that it hasn’t been done before, so there are no distractions in terms of existing products acting as influences.
    The big pitfall for this is the same thing. As this is something that would be purely theoretical (and not actually function as an advert for electricity) it could be very hard for me to know whether or not it works.
  2. Ad campaign for Fruit (5 a day).
    This is a campaign that has been tried a lot and very rarely is it successful. It would be amazing to research as there would be so many different examples of failures and successes.
    I would like to attempt this as I would be interested to know if I could produce something that is conceptually unique in this popular subject.
    The issue with this being so popular is that, has it all been done before? Am I going to just get frustrated with the project and not enjoy it because it is literally unaccomplishable?
  3.  Ad Campaign for Me.
    I like using myself in projects, I think it’d be great if I could produce something that has a practical use in my career.
    Pro’s: This is a clear product. I would need to research and understand myself and produce a campaign that would be conceptual and represent myself.
    Con’s: A little tedious, perhaps. It could become annoying and difficult trying to know who I am and what I can do/offer.

Avoiding the Con’s

  1. This tricky because I don’t know how people would have been influenced back in the time of electricity, all I can do is imaging the world without it and try to imagine the impact it would have. There isn’t really a wrong here, surely?
  2. As there are so many fruit and veg campaigns already it would be hard to know if I am being original. I will do around an hour of research into existing examples and if I feel like there are any ideas buzzing, pursue this one.
  3. Advertising myself and my Graphic Design skills is slightly egotistical but I can get past that, if I can pull it I could justify it. To avoid not understanding myself and my skills properly, I could ask people who know me best by using a questionnaire?

I want to have something that is not only visually strong, but makes people think. I need to figure out which of these 3 topics I could achieve this with and which would be most fun in the process.


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