Disecting the Brief and Visiting the Dickens House Museum

Before our visit to the Museum we met up to discuss possible ideas from the brief. I decided this would be a good idea so that we could go there and have some sort of an idea what to look for, rather than going there blind.

Key words from the brief were:

  • 40th Anniversary Something I thought about straight away and found exciting is  the possibility of exploring this in terms of marriage. Use Ruby as a prominent colour?
  • Commemorative this item needs be something people will treasure and keep. My initial thoughts are that it has to be big and feel like high quiality, people are more likely to through away small pieces of flimsy paper.
  • Exciting we, as a group, have pretty much decided straight away that we did not want to do something that has oval, wooden picture frames, swirly writing and people dressed up in old-styled clothes. We want to give this a new fresh approach.
  • Tactile whatever we do has to feel nice to the touch.
  • Worldwide Interest there are people coming from all over the world; meet their needs also.
  • Target Audience we need a clear type to aim this at. From visiting the place, I got the feeling of it being a family day out, so I’m thinking families are a good aim. This will include children and parents, perhaps trickier to please them both (but children go where the parents go, so would only really have to please the parents).
  • Number of possible formats we are not limited to producing a basic brochure, however does later say “a printed commemorative brochure”.
  • 2 Best ideas when it comes to it, we will need to select our two favourite concepts and present them to the museum for them to consider.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above is a slideshow of our visit. It was a good day out, not only because we all had a laugh, but we really understand the thing we are producing for now. We learnt a lot and we all left pretty happy, with a few ideas mulling around in each of our heads.

A few of mine are:

  • The wallpapers are brilliant! Lee Ault (Curator) explained to us how the room with the bow wallpaper has been used in several documentaries, TV shows and movies. It is a famous room  and so the wallpaper would be a fantastic thing to use, perhaps as a background or just the bows in tiny, understated way. I personally like how each bow is uniquely made.
  • The posters that use text were gorgeous I thought. We could use this style in ours, something different to the swirly quill writing.
  • Something in the wooden dolls maybe..?
  • She mentioned one of their themes they were exploring at the moment was “Birth, Marriage and Mourning”. I found this really exciting but she then went on to say that it would probably have changed by the time our item is released.
  • The chains between the pictures would be a lovely little touch.
  • I also really liked the black and white illustration of one of his books. Could choose this as a theme, would really work with our groups ethos of bridging the hand drawn with computer based design.

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