Still Choosing a Topic

I’ve decided to discard the idea of the 5-a-day campaign. I want to do something that hasn’t been done before. I am also going off the idea of doing an ad campaign for myself. I think I’ll follow that one up a little, but chances are that I will not be pursuing it as my Self-Initiated Project.

That leaves me with the only remaining, of my intital three, topics: an advertising campaign for something that was invented before advertising was. (I think it needs a better name)

As well as the above, I thought about possibly doing some Bad Advertising. This would be something is fun for me to do  and hopefully be quite funny. The idea that I thought of was an advert for smoking drugs or an advert for just driving away after you have a car accident. I think this would be rather funny but wouldn’t really require a great deal of research as they would be for fun and not to really sell something.
It could be done quite quickly and not need a lot of effort which would get very boring by the end of the project.

What I will do is write a brief for the 3 possible topics and decide which one interests me the most, if I still can’t decide I will either ask my family or pick one at random.


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