The Logo




Below is the process we took in coming up with our logo.
The Red section is initial thoughts and possibilities. They all sit quite safe within the idea of Pixels and Ink.
In the blue section we have huge range of executions. Some were really extravagant but these wouldn’t meet the logo brief we set at the beginning, we wanted something simple yet good-looking. Something that could be iconic and represent the agency’s ethos. I liked a few of these but the team weren’t convinced.
The Green area is the chosen logo. I think it meets the brief, it is visually satisfying whilst representing the agency well. I also think it is extremely clever. I’m happy with it.

My issue with the logo isn’t in the design, but in the process. We all split into six separate operations, didn’t combine our skills as well as we should have, and as a result we couldn’t reach an agreement. When we did meet up (24th Oct) to discuss it, it was sorted within the hour!
Definitely something to bare in mind when it comes to the actual production of the final piece!


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