The Proposal
Today myself and Will Hill were approached by Rage Brahimi. He was unhappy in his group and asked us if it was possible to join onto our group. I have seen Rage’s web skills and I instantly loved the idea but he then went on to say how he had spoken to Kate. We had 6 members (Myself, Danny, Will H, Will W, Chris and Emily) and we could not have any more.
This was where it got tricky. As head of the group and CEO, I had to think of what is best for the group. I treated the situation as professionally as I could and as if I were in this situation in the real world. I weighed everyone’s contributions and how they worked in the group and everyone was flawless, everyone but Emily.

The Removal
I hated being “that guy” but in reflection she had not met expectations in the first 3 weeks. She joined us for her web skills. As the process of branding went on I began to realise that her skills weren’t what we had hoped. Below is her website for us, too standard for what we discussed and she didn’t seem confident in producing what we did want.

However, her web skills are something we could have moved past or even worked on. What I couldn’t get over was her awkwardness in the group. She was quiet, shy and very unvocal, making group discussions extremely hard. She seemed really uncomfortable with us and this made me feel uncomfortable at times.

I took the possibility of an exchange of members to the rest of the group and their reactions were almost identical to mine: they all agreed it was for the best for every member involved.
It was horrible, I felt terrible but at the end of the day business is business and we all want a good grade. We are all individuals, here to get the best Degree we can and if being the bad-guy for once was what was best for our group, so be it.

So once we reached the unanimous decision it was time for me to tell Emily. (I dreaded it. I felt like the worst human being alive!!) I simply explained that Rage had asked to come into our group but that would mean her leaving, also mentioning her seeming unhappy with the group. I then went on to say how she may be happier in Rage’s group, as it has some of her friends in it.


Next came the excitement of Rage being part of us. Our line up is now amazing! I don’t think I could be more happy with the group. Not only are we all strong characters and personalities, we all have our own skills. We have Concept, Illustration, Literature, Organisation, Motion, Branding, Web. The list goes on!

Fighting Talk

This new signing has triggered some friendly competition in the camps and I love it! Hopefully this can spur us on to a First!


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