Back-Up! Change of Idea

Talking with Sharry, my idea of doing the ancient invension advert has been slaughtered..
I thought it could be quite good but she believed there was no reason to do it- the audience are non-existant and the entire idea was flawed from the word ‘go’.

She wasn’t keen on the ‘Visual CV’ idea either because there wasn’t enough to it.

What now?

Sharry mentioned ‘$100 Laptops’ and how they aim to get the remaining 65% of the world on the internet. I thought this was quite interesting and, after a quick look at the charity, thought about a campaign for this. It’s current and shows I that I am socially aware of important affairs.

I did temporarily consider (for the same reasons that I stated above) going back to the 5-a-day campaign but then I remembered the reasons I turned it down before. It had been failed by so many, I would either crack it and become a hero and be knighted for my contribution to society or (more than likely) fail. Miserably.

I have planned out the next two months, up until the deadline day for project approval (14th Dec).


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