Type Specimen Books

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I took a look at Specimen books and below are my opinions on them and what I think I could use:

  • I like the use of the word ‘Catalogue’
  • I’m not sure if the imagery helps the font or not. Perhaps just avoid using them
  • I love the indented ‘G’. Gives the book a good depth to it, more interactive and friendly to touch
  • The wooden books are nice-looking too. They are different and would feel of a very high quality, perhaps irrelevant to my font however?
  • The big letters splashed over the page may be relevant to the story of that font but, to mine, wouldn’t fit. Mine (referring to the legibility aspect) should be kept quite safe.
  • I love the idea of the coffee beans in the book for the font ‘Coffee’ it’s interactive and shows a lot of effort. How would I implement this though?

I need to find a book specimen book so that I can see how one works.


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