Message to my Insider

I recently went on holiday to Gambia and met someone out there who became a good friend. I was writing my notes and realised that perhaps I could ask him a few questions:

I hope you are okay.
I am doing an advertising campaign for ‘One Laptop Per Child’. You may have heard of them, they aim to give children in undeveloped countries an education by giving them special laptops.
I was just wondering if you would be able to answer some questions for me?
I would really appreciate it, it would help me out so much!

1) Do children in the local schools know what the internet is?
2) Do children in the local schools know what a laptop is?
3) Are they aware of ‘One Laptop Per Child’?
4) Where are you likely to see adverts? (TV/Billboards/Posters/others)
5) Are the children likely to be aware of Popular Culture (Such as Lady Gaga/The Simpsons/Superman/Star Wars)

Thanks A Lot Omar. You really are helping me out a lot.
Hopefully hear from you soon,
– Luke

He replied…

Hi Luke,
Here is the is answer.
1, some of the children will know it but must of children in the village dont know it
2, they dont know what is laptop
3, no
4, billboard
5, yes they will like to know but they dont know it


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