Meeting: 1st Nov ’12

Below are the notes from our meeting. Not all of us could make it but I figured some of us was better than none of us.
The main topics were to quickly (as it wasn’t priority) sorting the contents for the website and looking at ways to go about the program for the brief- this included program formats, styles we could attempt and what contents was required.
Meeting: 1st Nov ’12

Summary of formats & designs are below.

These 4 images are sketches that I made up whilst in the meeting. There’s a lot of ideas and we are now going to think about which is best to make in terms of practicality, efficiently to make, ingenuity and impressions for the user.

Top Left: Started by looking into the Wills’ research into formats of brochures/programs. We just began chucking ideas down.
Top Right:
Then we began to get a little more serious and think about how each might work.
> Keyring, perhaps a little small to have all the programs information but definitely a great souvenir and definitely different.
> Booklet with a window, not sure how the window is cut but it’s different to all the other traditional styles. (something I’m keen on being)
Bottom Left:
Some more ideas followed up.
> Standard format booklet, but a spacious design containing little imagery but big text. The number ‘4’ wraps over to the back cover.
> A fold-up poster, with information about the entire week on one side. On the other a big commemorative poster, ideal for collectors.
> A simple booklet, but with a lovely gold ribboned bow. This will look very special and welcoming.
> An envelope, with a wax seal. It is traditional but not very innovative in my opinion.
Bottom Right: 
Started to follow up my favourite idea. It is an accordion fold pamphlet with two sides. One of the sides has all the information of the week (timetable, speakers etc.) and the other has an explanation of the house accompanied by local school kids’s drawings of Dickens characters. I think this could look extremely friendly and family-orientated, something I picked up about the place from our visit.
This will all fit inside a lovely sleeve with a window.
This idea is strongest in meeting our Audience‘s needs. I think you can focus each side, one side could be informative and please the more serious fanatics and the other could direct itself at families and making them feel part of it.


My post to our group about each of our jobs for the next week: 

We have until the 7th of November to have everything we need for the presentation sorted so we have a week (14th) to perfect and polish our pitch. (that includes website, ideas and hand outs of ideas)
If we don’t have everything then we won’t be using it.

For Rage:
> We want to try a textured background out
> Try putting the icons for the 3 images above the text (and larger), just to see how that looks

> Pages: ‘About’ to be called ‘Logic’/ ‘Meet us’ to be called ‘the team’/ ‘our work’ to be called ‘what we do’

For Danielle:
> Write copy for them pages
> Get her children to draw images of Dickens characters

For Will H, Will W & Chris:
> Begin styling and designing the program

For Will H
> Drawing of Dickens

For Myself
> Begin designing the program
> Produce basic areas of text for the program [Page for speakers, page for about Dickens House etc.]
> Produce info cards on Dickens characters for Danny’s kids to draw from.


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