Direction for Gill Sans Book

After looking into my research and analysis, I have decided to focus of two things.
Firstly Ben Archer’s quote “Gill Sans is the Helvetica of England” and secondly Gill’s aim of creating the perfect legible typeface and finding a balance between heading and body texts.

  • I broke up the quote and think that I will call the book “Helvetica by Eric Gill”. I like the name because it makes no sense at first glance. Once you open it up there may be the quote that explains it.
  • I will use three colours (Red, White & Black), this came from the word England and the English map.
  • I want to somehow have a massive body of text and a header all in Gill Sans to show that/if the typeface is perfect for both body and headers.
  • On specific pages I may focus on its use in the railway, bookshops, books and websites and use these to theme my pages. 

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