7th November

Class Meeting & My Journey Home

In lecture we all cracked on well with organising our final week before presenting to Kate and the Dickens House clients.

Where we’re at for the next week is listed below:

  • We have to sort out the website: finalise the imagery, text, functions.
    We discussed this all and all know what we need to supply Rage with by the end of Thursday so he can work with it before Sunday/Monday.
  • I need to have the digital (rough) designs ready for the end of Thursday the 8th for Danny to get started with making handmade mock ups for the clients to hold during the presentation (Something I am extremely passionate on ensuring happens).
  • Have the presentation (One for Clic submission and one for the client) ready by Chris for group analysis on Tuesday.
  • As we are first out of the three groups presenting to the client that morning we want to ensure we are remembered afterwards. We decided the best was was for Chris to produce some business cards that we can hand out at the end of the presentation for clients to hold and keep. Will Ward is going to print them onto some nice material so they feel professional.
  • Will Ward is going to produce the visual representations of our questionnaire for the presentation.
  • I need to make some icons for the website to represent our process.

On the way home I planned out the contents and layouts of the accordion program and I also drew the below image of Charles Dickens for the possibility of using him in the design. Will Hill has also done one but I fancied a go myself anyway.

Coming out of the station I also saw this advert for Leeds Castle’s Christmas Event. It is heavily based on the Victorian era. (Danny later informs me that Dickens heavily influenced how we celebrate Christmas today, more than anyone else in history) I didn’t know about that but I did notice that the styling was much like what we saw in the Dickens House. A style to embrace, for sure!



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