Our Two Ideas

Idea One is a commemorative package. It is a lovely plastic box (possibly cardboard, if we wanted to be more environmentally friendly) beautifully wrapped in a gold ribbon and containing a relatively basic, in format not design, program and an information filled keyring. It is a really nice idea, but is quite hard to explain why we would do it. The only reason I can think of is that it is a really traditional, commemorative package. Lee Ault (Dickens House Curator) did emphasise these things.


Idea Two was my clear personal favourite until we really explored the first. This one is slowly decreasing in popularity with me but still I think it has some real appeal. It is still quite tight between which I prefer. It is a Vinyl-like sleeve, in which, there is an accordion fold brochure. On one side there is a beautifully designed, information-filled brochure on the week. The other side is slightly lighter. It is a page dedicated to the local area. It really emphasises our target audience (young people and families) as we aim to go to local schools and get a few students to draw Dickens’ characters for it. I think this really backs up our companies ethos of hand drawn elements.


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