Star Wars/Disney

I had another look at issues/topics in the news and the Star Wars takeover by Disney was a massive one that split views on how it would work. That’s why I decided to look into this as an idea.
Below are some existing Mash Ups.
The first is subtle and I think demonstrates the fact that they are owned by Disney really well but the second is poorly made and is just a face on a Star Wars character. Something that is conceptually really poor.

Here, I have attempted two of my own Mash Ups.
I wanted to approach it with the angle of some fans points of view and the one I found most intriguing was “Disney will ruin Star Wars” (How can they possibly know that).

The idea in the first one that an iconic moment in the film is ruined by a naff ‘Disney-esque’ trademark. The second plays on the idea that the animals that make the Star Wars world feel so natural and (believe it or not) real to me will become overly cartoonish and unbelievable. I like these as concepts but am now looking to the next module, analysing my image and contextualising it in an essay. Can I do that with just these ideas?


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