Presentation Day

We had a very clear image of how we wanted it to go.
Points we were very adamant about & how we implemented them are listed below:

  • We didn’t want everyone talking at once, myself & Chris decided that we should have 2/3 of us being the most vocal. This was to ensure the client knows where to look and feel comfortable. But obviously, we all needed to get involved so we devised a way to have the best of both worlds.
    Chris was responsible for carrying the entire presentation, it would almost be as if he is presenting our members to talk. That way there is a constant the whole way through.
  • We wanted to take this seriously and step it up a bit. After all, the module is called ‘Design Practice’, it only makes sense that we come in dressed the part.
  • Chris made a phenomenal call. He said at the first meeting that we shouldn’t have any links away from the slide. The most we could do was to have screenshots of our website but we definitely shouldn’t have a link to the browser. I agreed but we very nearly put on in last minute, luckily I reminded everyone that it may not be a good idea. Fortunately we did not do this, we stuck to the screenshot. Another group did have a link away and the web browser royally messed up, the screen was in full zoom, there were loads of pop ups and it slowed the computer down causing an awkward couple of seconds (that felt like much longer). Definitely a good call by us!
  • We did toy with the idea of having our website on a tablet and handing that to the client but ultimately we decided it would be best not to as it may be off putting to what we are saying, give the client too much to focus on and we were really there to pitch our ideas and not our agency’s marketing.
  • The big one was ‘what we actually present.’ So often we see walls of text and loads of unnecessary information. We stripped all our research and our idea generation down to its absolute bare minimum, for the simple reason that we did not want to loose the clients interest. We only included it if it was 100% relevant to the outcome.
  • We didn’t need to tell the client about themselves or Dickens, they know enough about these things already!! Efficiency in delivering what the client came to see was key for us.
  • We didn’t include information of prices and such, practical, things as we knew this part of the process was pure concepts and ideas. That all comes later.
  • Also we didn’t go on too much about us as an agency. I was quite passionate about this, myself, because I believe in an essence, the client doesn’t care about the designer. They care about the designs.

Looking back on the presentation and the last few months I am extremely happy.
The work ethic in the group was astounding. We all felt passionate about what we were in charge of and dedicated 100% of ourselves to making sure we could smash the presentation.
The presentation itself was nigh-on perfect for me. We met twice already that week to practice and perfect the pitch, something I think came through when we presented because we looked well organised and orchestrated. Everybody remembered their points and even, in some cases, expanded to make things even clearer.
I think the que cards with our logo on the back, the mock ups and our hand-out to the client describing them all added to our thoroughly professional execution of our ideas.

We certainly deserved our agency lunch at Harvester to celebrate. That pint was well earned!
I’m a happy leader and am glad that all that hard work coordinating the group paid off! I am even happier now that I can relax for a while.

Pixelink? Sold.


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