Stronger Concept

It was suggested I look into 1928 to gain a stronger concept. I found absolutely nothing related to Gill Sans in there. I though perhaps there may be a historical event that I could theme my book on but nothing.
But I still need a way to make this book slightly more interesting. My ideas are to have it as an 85th birthday celebratory book which includes a biography of Eric Gill, the life of Gill Sans and at the end a priced catalogue for those who’d like to buy it. All in the theme of Helvetica because it is said to be “the Helvetica of England.”
Is this in itself strong enough? I know somebody is creating a book on a typeface who’s creators body was moved around a lot after he died. He is making a book full of fake celebrity’s obituaries. That has an idea stemming from something that happened in the fonts history/story. I feel as though I need something like that..?


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