Turner Contemporary Projects

Download Brochure

A few side notes:

  • I wanted it all on one page. I set myself the challenge to see if I could do it.
  • There was a high risk of it becoming very squashed but I think I avoided doing that.
  • The colour coding works in terms of using less text on one page. Also the key on the front side is a good way to entice the customers with words like ‘Workshop’, ‘Club’ and ‘Families’ being one of the first things you’ll read in the brochure (after ‘Whats On’).
  • Also there was no way for me to get the prices on there. This was because of the lack of space but I had spent so much time on this already, that I just decided to put an asterisk next the events which would cost.

Download A2 Poster

This part of the assignment was to explore hierarchy with weights, size, position and colour. The idea is to use one poster for a week and then the next week just print on top of the existing poster. Above is the build up of the poster and below is the individual designs.
I think, individually, they are really poor but collectively they begin to work together and look quite interesting and produce something quite unique. I think the hierarchy is clear too.

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