Basic Billboard Knowledge

I found this walk through for Billboard Adversiting:

I read through the basic points and put my interpretation of each point below in italics.

  • Product Identification – Your message should register quickly.
    (Have a clear font, use colours and space well to make it obvious)
  • Short Copy – Your message should be brisk and provocative.
    (People need to get the information without strain, condense copy to achieve this)
  • Legibible Type – Your message should be able to read at a distance, and while the person is moving.
    (Sans-serifs are best for this. Also black on white NOT white on black)
  • Layout – All elements of the design / campaign should come together as a single unit / package.
    (Simplistic, Memorable. Should deliver a quick burst of information and stay with you)
  • Images – Your images must be big enough to capture attention / convey a meaning
    (Draw attention with imagery).
  • Bold Colours – Your design should separate well from its surroundings and gain attention.
    (If high, a colour that contrasts with the sky/buildings etc. Again, to gain attention)
  • Simple Background – The background should usually be simple so as not to interfere with the message unless of course it adds to the design / message.
    (Ensure message is distracted from)
  • Innovative / Creative / Humorous – If you can include these traits in your design, it will go a lot further than any other message.
    (look at neuromarketing. Something I saw recently, it is a way to use the brains natural reflex actions to tailor adverts for specified groups or communities)
  • Less Is More – Single minded, focused ads deliver more impact.

Generally, it seems as though I should take a simplistic approach, using bold colours to  contrast from the environment (I should look at where they would go) and use negative space well. This should help make my message clear and inform of the charity.

However, I do still need to come up with a message and possibly consider different ways to get the information out there (possibly newspaper or online ad space) because I can’t say too much in my billboard.


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