São Paulo

Yesterday, I watch “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” a documentary by Morgan Spurlock in which he investigates advertising, its power and the price to be able to abuse that power. He takes a trip to São Paulo, Brazil where in 2007 they passed the “Clean City Law”. This meant no outdoor advertising of any kind. This was thought up because of the amount of distractions there were from the natural beauty of the city. In the video it seems as though every loves the idea, even shop owners! Speaking to some citizens, Spurlock hears that now that there are no more of these distractions you can go through the city calm and unbothered by words.

For the purpose of this project I am taking all the positive effects mentioned by the ban on outdoor advertising and am going to see how they work as an outdoor advert.
My plan is to try a billboard that is so distracting you have to look at it. I need to be careful not to tarnish the reputation of the charity, as in, I can’t give them the image of environmental spammers! But I think it’s an interesting idea.


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