Email From OLPC



I Received this Email in response to mine:

Hi Luke,
Artwork for outreach would be most welcome (see the attached created by a
high school student in Canada) but I must apologize OLPC is a small
non-profit that simply cannot provide personal support or guidance along the

Instead, please “nurture the grassroots” of this global community movement
to the best of your own ability, after exploring/researching the latest
blogs and map below, much like the high school student who created the
attached after careful independent research reading
etc, producing his work completely independently from OLPC. Even if his
PDF is just a tiny bit dated now 2 years later, so be it 🙂

Thanks again for doing your conscientious independent creative best
with all the materials you find. My sincere apologies again OLPC cannot
provide guidance nor creative direction or legal advice, but a sincere
good luck and if you produce impactful/imaginative stuff of any kind.
Community volunteers at will be happy to
critique & circulate for you later if you have a solid/final draft!

Adam Holt

Help kids everywhere map their world, at!

My taking of the email:

  • They are happy for me to go ahead with using their name and brand for my project.
  • But they’re very busy and won’t be able to supply me with any help along the way.
  • They have a lot of resources/blogs/social mediums in which I can get support or answers to any questions.
  • Someone else managed it.. So can I!
  • If they like the outcome they can circle it around and get my name out there!
  • They are willing to critique it (whether this means a meeting and/or a pitch, I don’t know but I hope it does as this is what I want my project to end with).

Here is the “student’s work” file they attached: Previous Student Example
(not quite what I am going for! but still it proves that they accept and enjoy students work. Above all else it proves it is doable with no help!)


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