Book Development

I am calling my book “Gill Sans is“.
This comes from the idea of having a inconsistent, opinion-based book.

Inconsistent Definition: “Not regular or predictable. Irregular or Fickle. Containing contradictory elements. Not in harmony.”

I was thinking about having the book on a coil so that it would feel like a scrap book. Stemming from this, I will experiment with having a half size piece of paper that will fold over the front cover with different opinions. Like this:

2012-12-05 09.51.41

The flaps will say some opinions I’ve found from the internet: Inconsistent, Hideous, Quirky. These words are contradictory.

How can I achieve inconsistency?

  1. Fonts- I think the different weights will represent this in them selves.
  2. Page size- a book with differentiating page sizes with each turn will frustrate the reader, good or bad? I definitely need a constant throughout all pages and will also need to consider what the reader will see if the page is smaller than the one behind it.
    For example I will need to consider the relationship between the Blue page and the Red.
  3. Colour-For the front cover. I want the Cover and it’s Flaps to represent the word.
    For example, when you have the Hideous flapped over the book and the flap shout look hideous. When the quirky flap is used, the cover should change to look quirky. So I need a base colour that will work with each flap to produce the desiered effects.
    I want to go quite radical in comparison to my previous concept (Helvetica) and have a massive canvas of colour. This is going to be quite tricky because I obviously want my book to look as professional as I can and not just as if I don’t know what I am doing.

A thought that struck me this morning was to have the page size at 19 cm x 28 cm < Font Family created in 1928.


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