Dates for Page Sizes

(This is a route I took. It didn’t work out but here it is anyway.)

I decided that the idea of inconsistency should have a balance of order. Otherwise, it may not feel like a book at all and just annoy people. So I decided on just 3 or 4 page sizes.

  • Cover: 19 cm x 28 cm | 1928, the year the font was produced as a family.
  • Page Size 1: 19 cm x 12 cm | 1912, the year of his first public success as a sculptor.

(I realised that the most prominent year for the font was 1928 so that should be the cover size, so any of the pages should be smaller than 28 cm tall. The only important thing that Gill did before 1928 was produce ‘Mother and Child’, his first successful sculptor. Other slightly relevant dates were when he was commissioned to do sculptors for a cathedral in 1914, barely noticeable as a different page size, it would just look like bad printing and production.
The only other real important dates for the font & Gill were 1882 (his birth) and 1940 (his death). I couldn’t make a page 18 cm x 82 cm, that’s just madness! and a 40 cm tall page would also look ridiculous with a 28 cm tall cover.
This idea quickly began to fall apart but I think I will stick with the cover being 19 x 28 cm as it is a relevant size.)


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