Audience Research: Location Scouting

I thought it relevant to know where possible locations are, this way I can understand who I need to appeal to and how. I looked at a good few towns/cities in England on Google Maps to try and gain an understanding of them. I figured that advertising in areas like Chatham (not to generalise) would not be too beneficial, simply because of it’s reputation as a town and the people that are from there.

My conclusions are that the less built up the areas, such as small towns or rural towns, the less Billboards you will find. Chances are the ones you do find are going to be very competitive and expensive to purchase.
The more built up an area, busy towns and cities, the more outdoor advertising there is. These are probably cheaper and easier to buy space on but the chances of it being seen are lowered dramatically.

This case comes back to my look at São Paulo. Imaging putting up a billboard below. This is going to instantly recognisable and, if the design is good enough, it will be instantly successful. Whereas, many big cities in England have so much happening and so many adverts being thrown at you, you could become “confused” and all messages could be lost.

This proposes a difficult question to me now. Is it worth the risk of the message being lost for a cheap price, or for a higher price having it stand out. I need to look at companies that offer billboard spaces. JCDecaux is one that I noticed in my research.


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