What is the Final Artefact??

“Overhanging Pain”

I have spent weeks on this project already and I am making great progress with concepts and ambitions but it is still an overhanging pain that I do not actually have a goal. I haven’t clarified 110% what the outcome will be! At first I wanted to create billboards but surely I would need to pay for them to be produced, printed and put up (and this is far from realistic). I could create billboards and then hand mock-ups of how they would look, but is this enough for a module with double weighting? No.

“Sticky Situation”

So this concern rapidly became a major issue. What was the point of work on a concept if I was still unsure on the outcome. I found myself in the sticky situation of ‘Do I change direction completely from advertising or do I try and find a way to adapt the ad campaign into a more do-able artefact?’
It was suggested in my tutorial that, rather than focusing on an advertising campaign that would be country-wide, I focus on a smaller audience that I could see if it works with. It was suggested I focus on our University campus. Perhaps I try and develop an event for the university to raise awareness through other means.

“Not Excited”

Initially I had a load of possibilities running through my mind, how I could raise awareness of the event, how I would go about setting it up and who I could get to help. But then I hit a huge wall and I realise I was not excited by this concept one bit! I wanted to produce an ad campaign that would raise awareness for a very real audience, not just my uni.

“The Aim”

I regained the reigns to my project and took control of where I am going. I decided that event planning is not what I wanted to achieve from this assignment. I do want to produce a conceptually strong advertising campaign that would actually reach possible donators. But there was still the issue of ‘How?!’. The aim is to produce a multi-medium campaign. I will look at internet adverts (possibly rekindle my old love of animation for that), newspaper & magazine space, posters, mailed flyers and possibly social media. I shan’t rule the prospect of a billboard out completely but I won’t be looking at producing one as much as I will the others, simply because it is almost not do-able for a student with my budget.

“What’s Next”

Now that I know what my outcome will be, I need to start looking at how I might do this. I will start with basic research into message deliveries, imagery and other aspects of existing ads online and in print.
I will follow this up by looking at actually purchasing space in local newspapers and magazines.
I will also need to develop my concepts into messages, not forgetting I originally set myself the brief, to not only raise awareness of the organisation but, to clarify what it is that they do and how they do it: create a knowledge of it.


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