Research into Media Forms: Newspaper Space




I took a look at how much it might cost me to put ad’s in national newspapers. I went through the application process for The Sun and the cheapest section was £300. Needless to say the website was swiftly closed down and I began to look at the likes of KM Ashford.



I sent an email requesting a quote for ad space of half of a page, like the purple advert (bottom left) below.



The KM isn’t as impressive as The Sun, but they gave me a brochure that stated some statistics. They have around 487,500 readers every week! Nothing on The Sun’s 7.2 million but still bloody impressive!
They brochure also contained useful info about how to create the advert:


  • Supply RGB artwork
  • Use other colours when creating / using black text
  • Supply native documents, i.e. Quark, Freehand, Illustrator, Indesign
  • Supply your artwork without and URN (supplied by sales rep or a member of the Electronic Copy desk)


  • Flatten all layers (especially transparency layers) before creating final file
  • Resolution of pictures or graphics should be a minimum of 170dpi for newsprint, 300dpi for niche publications
  • Coloured type or reverse type must be 12pt or above for sans serif faces and 14pt or above for serif faces.

This means I won’t have to make loads of changes after I have built the adverts.


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