Talking to Printers & My Mock Up

I was looking around for some printers in Ashford and have often passed one which I never really gave much thought to what it did. I  did a little background research into them and they actually seemed to what I wanted. So, I sent them an email explaining the project and what I want the outcome to be like and they swiftly replied. It seems as though they can do what I want, they just had a few questions regarding the product.


Distance from Home to the Printers

I told them what they wanted to know (paper sizes, pages, colour or mono, paper type) and am meeting with them next week to discuss things. I figured meeting is for the best as it may be slightly tricky to fully explain what I want without my mock-up.

Here is my Mock Up. I know that I want it to be spiral (wiro) bound and for the covers to a thicker, almost card-like material. The inside pages will be glossy.
I think this has really given me a good feel for what the final piece will turn out like and has really helped me get my head around how I might produce it on the computer.

2012-12-14 13.27.56 2012-12-14 13.28.05 2012-12-14 13.28.31 2012-12-14 13.28.45


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