Christmas Break Meeting

We met before Christmas to catch up on the last few weeks and understand where the assignment is going next. I had been away for a few weeks prior to meeting so I was a little unsure on what was exactly happening but Danny quickly informed me.
The group had been required to narrow our ideas into two, core concepts. Ours were Interactive & Old vs New. I know we all liked our commemorative box set idea so wanted to keep this no matter what direction we took next. The week before we all met  before Christmas the idea of a pop up book came up. This was the first I heard about the pop-up book but it really sat well with me, I loved its possibilities and when Danny bought in some of her children’s pop-up books I immediately saw that ours could be a mini house of the Dickens House Museum.

We got spit balling ideas and quickly had an idea forming of our book. Unfortunatley, Danny did have to leave quite early but it still left half the group to come up with a mock up. I made this so that we could have a better understanding of what we were talking about.

2012-12-18 12.48.23

This was a good meeting that cleared up hours of talking and confusion over text and Facebook. It is so much better (for time and clarity) to have these meetings, just really inconvenient as everyone is so distant from each other..


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