Meeting with Printers

I met with the printers today, I would have rather met before Christmas but couldn’t find a time between public holiday’s and my work schedule. So I went along today for a chat about paper weights, binding possibilities and such things.

  • The weights we decided on were 300 gsm (for the covers) and 150 gsm for the inside pages. They would be slightly glossed.
  • Wiro bound.
  • (At this point in time) 24 Pages.

Interesting Point: Avoid giant blocks of Greys. The guy said that they would more than likely come out with streaks. Darker colours work best at avoiding this.

My big issue is going to be lining the pages up. This is because some of the inner pages are going to be smaller. My issues are this:

  1. Be careful about the positioning of the page, it must be dead central otherwise the gap at the top of the page will be different to that at the bottom. This will just look shoddy and unprofessional.
  2. Ensure the Wiro bind fits the pages and I do not get half holes at either the top or bottom of a page.
  3. The guy mentioned I would be better off not having over lapping imagery (from one page to the one below) as with only a few pages (around 24) the bind will be loose and the pages will move up and down, resulting in imparment of my visual intention.

Here are some sketches, to clarify the issues.


I forgot to pick up a wiro bind, I thought this would be the best way to ensure I don’t mess up. As long as I produce my book in partnership with the bind and a rule, I should be okay.


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