Finished! Finito! Fini! Acabado! 成品!

I received the book this evening. I have included a slideshow below of how it looks. I am happy with it and the guy I was working with explained their delay: he said that it was an extremely fiddly and extremely advanced book. In his words, “I can’t see too many printers taking on such a complicated job, it just uses too much of one persons time!” He did later say that he found it fun, which made me feel less bad about putting them through it!

Here is a PDF of the Book.

It’s hit all the marks I wanted to. I feel like it does feel unordered at times and really portrays ranges in opinions well. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the print and am glad that the margins and page sizes have come off for me.

If I were to redo this project I would create the document with all pages at A4. I was talking with the guy who helped print it and he said it was very hard to print to a high standard.
I suggested it might have been easier had I done it all on A4 (with the content still at the varying sizes I wanted them). He then printed it back to back and then cut it all down to the right size. This would have been easier in hindsight.

Time to relax now!


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