Lesson 1: Bidoun.

First Lesson of this module yesterday, the brief was explained and I got rather excited about this. I know that if I can do this well it will look great in my portfolio.

The Task for the lesson was for me to join with Shaun Staunton and redesign ‘Bidoun’, a Middle-Eastern Arts & Culture magazine, claiming to fill a “gaping gap” in it’s genre. Aside from the poor quality paper and the dated photography, we found it to be far too wordy and in no way was I stimulated to read it. How could we rectify this?

Westerners, like myself and Shaun, are more than likely not interested in Middle-Eastern Arts & Culture. We knew that that would be our aim, so we thought about how we could make this magazine more appealing- same content, different design/layout.
We scanned and printed some of the wordy pages and some of the pages with the large images. We both knew this was a good way for us to really clarify what our concept would be (to be honest we didn’t really know just yet). So we began to cut the pages up and play around with composition.

By chance I wanted a body of text to go onto one of the large image pages. Rather than cutting the block of text out, I randomly decided to try cutting a block out of the image and laying the page of text behind it. I thought this looked good, it made us curious and intrigued to see what is concealed. Mary mentioned that it looked like a Burka (typical middle-eastern attire) and both me and Shaun immediately realised that this was a strong way to go!


As a westerner, I know that I am a little unsure and curious about Burkas. That isn’t in a naive or racist way, it just means that I do not fully understand that culture, it intrigues me. Something we we’re now going to follow up as a concept with the magazine.


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