Advertising & Charitable Campaigns

I began to look at how successful adverts are made. I did this so that I could start planning photography and image manip. and such things, if I would need to.


Above are some adverts I found that look great and have strong concepts (something I plan to achieve).

  • The desktop background image, for a travel company, is brilliant, I firstly thought nothing of it and then you realise “that’s pretty crowded, that must cause a lot stress!”- Perfect excuse for a holiday.
  • The Band-Aid advert uses amazing photography that you could stare at for ages, you quickly realise someone is going to plummet into that image and feel quite faint when you realise it’s you! But not to worry, you’ll be fine- you have Band-Aid.
  • Visually, the photography in the “STIHL” image is gorgeous but it takes you a while that the happy and welcoming image of the BBQ is a literal translation of the product- a Hot Spot. So simple, it is genius!

These were great to look at but I need to think of “One Laptop Per Child”, not as a product to sell but, as a charity, pleading and appealing to an audience for help. I took a look at some visually & conceptually strong appeals.

  • The first is a campaign for giving muslim women a voice. It is subtle but so clever and it looks brilliant too. The style is very natural and organic.
  • The Unicef ad is styled very much like a 1920’s-1940’s Art Deco poster and I’m not too sure why. Looks nice though..
  • The “Fundacion Par” advert, in which the girl is playing hide & seek, relies heavily on photography but has a small portion of text to re-enforce that use of photography. Not too much is given away by the image but just enough is for you to look at it, try to figure it out and absorb the message.
  • Again, the organ donor appeal relies heavily on photography with the little bit of text. This one gives far more away with out reading. I’m not sure that is a good thing as I spend more time on the “Fundacion Par” image, trying to figure it out, and scrolled past this one instantly, without reading.
  • The “Blood Donation” poster is so clever. The image is an accomplice to the message and vice versa, the message being you are forever linked to the person you help and the image being to people’s faces interwoven in cotton strips. So smart and works brilliantly because you can just look at the image for ages and all the while you are taking that message on board.

Summary from this is that photography and illustration both work with appeals, but the message must be strong and almost be philosophical and profoundly beautiful. Perhaps with an image that is intriguing and captivates your attention long enough for that message to stay with you.
These are the best kinds of charitable campaigns.


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