Unexpected Pleasures: Design Museum Brief

I found the exhibition rather tedious, truth be told. I couldn’t connect with any of the jewellery. I found it all to be aimed at someone else and I had real difficulty getting anything out of it. That being said, I did find “Hardcoded Memory” fascinating.
I wasn’t sure if we could choose anything from the exhibition or whether it had to be from just the First Floor, so to play it safe I didn’t choose Hardcoded Memory.

My chosen items from the Unexpected Pleasures Exhibition:

My sketches of them:

In searching for information, the coloured squares produced nothing! With a name like “brooch” I am not at all surprised! I changed that choice to the below:

2013-01-09 12.31.30 20130128_122233

And here is some information I found on each item:

“Chew your own Brooch” by Ted Noten (1998)
Interactive Jewellery with “Unexpected Logic”
The role of designer is delegated to the wearer. The wearer would chew some gum and the results are cast in silver, gold-plated and attached to a pin.
From tednoten.com: “Noten has given the chewer a creative influence on the end product and the anxiety of being an artist for a few minutes, tapping into the creative child within us and poking fun at our silliness”
At the Museum Booijmans van Beuningen in 1999 around 800 people, including a lot of children, were presented with chewing gum and asked to ‘chew their own brooch’. Once they were satisfied with what they had chewed, they placed it in a little box, and it was judged by a panel. The first, second and third places were presented with their brooches, made of their chewed gum cast respectively in 24k gold, silver and bronze.

“Sweets” by Maisie Broadhead (2010)
Displayed alongside “Keep Them Sweet”, Broadhead uses Digital C-Type Printed photography to portray her jewellery. Made from Candy and Silver.

“Bottlenecklace” by Bernhard Schobinger,
Made from broken bottlenecks & a metal cord in 1988. (The ends are smoothed so not to be dangerous.)
Schobinger dug up from a luxury Swiss hotel’s rubbish tip, by accident whilst he was planting trees. 

On a side note: Annoyingly, I chose 3 items AND around 3 back-up items. “Chew Your Own Brooch” is the only one with that much information!! I will have to consider whether to adapt my style around this or trim the information back.


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