First Poster

How do I make a poster worth 50% of my module? Tricky.
I knew it couldn’t simply be your bog standard poster, it needed a concept, so I began to do some concept generation:

  • Definition of “Unexpected”-20130129_101400
    1) Unforseen > Hidden >
    Dark on Dark/Light on Light?
    2) Suprise > No Warning >
    Flashing Light Warnings > Bright or Dangerous?
  • 3) Unanticipated > Unpredictable > No Structure?
  • Definition of “Pleasure”-
    1) Pleased > Grateful > Gift?
    2) Indulge > Sensual > Tactile?
    3) Delight > Enjoyment > Fun?

Possible Avenues I Decided On

  • Unforeseen > Hidden > Near Invisible
  • Surprise > Gift > Gift wrapped
  • Sensual > Tactile > Fluffy or nice texture
  • No Warning > Cut Short before warning

Filtering Out The Weaker

  • I cannot do the tactile idea, it’s rather literal and besides, it’s a poster that will be behind glass- no one will be touching it.
  • The near invisible, dark grey on black is rather weak in the pleasure department.
  • The gift wrapping idea could work well as pleasure but would it be strong as unexpected?
  • Cutting the poster before the end of the sentences is great in the unexpected area, but where’s the pleasure?


I thought it could possibly work really well to have the gift wrapping going over the cut off poster OR have the gift wrap cut the poster off? This works well because the initial reaction to a gift is warm but the cut off from the words is not what you expect to follow.

Here is the PDF for the Poster
Here is the PDF for my Cut Off Poster
And here is an image of the Final Gift Wrapped Poster:




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