My Contribution To Bidoun



I got on with the ‘Redesigning a Magazine’ project and here are is my part. I created a contents page, 4 spreads and a back cover.


I personally detest the contents page, it stems to us saying (upon first look) that the most interesting thing about the magazine, for me and Shaun, was the bright pink advert in the middle of it. I thought we should try and use this but I am not convinced it works. It looks far too out of place.

I suggested Shaun tries to create a contents page too.

Bidoun3 Bidoun7
The first spread, Riyad Hijab, is an interview. I imaging it going onto another page and so I decided I should see what a second page to a feature (without a large image) would look like with the eyes still there. I think there is a chance the eyes are a distraction, I would be tempted to say that they begin to haunt you- not necessarily a bad thing.

Bidoun4 Bidoun5

Above are a further two spreads. I think the eyes look really luring among the view of the city. Perhaps half way through, or 3/4 of the way through, the page reveals the rest of the woman’s face. It is a feature on a rising middle-eastern artist. With the woman’s face revealed it leaves the small remaining chunk of the magazine to be slit-free and make full use of the page.


Above is my redesigned back page, it is a glossary. It was originally landscape and for no obvious reason. Both myself and Shaun found this off-putting, so we agreed to put in portrait but keep it relatively similar.

Original Back Page

Original Back Page

Still awaiting Shaun’s addition to the magazine, I can safely say the grids have made each spread look so much more professional than anything I have ever  done without a grid. The clean, order to things make it so easy to read, so maybe the original design simply chose the wrong grid?
I started off rather annoyed by this project. It seemed a mammoth work load when it was set but I realised something: you get the grid sorted and a structure decided, the process of inserting content flies by!


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