Progressive Abstraction

Tried my hand at some Progressive Abstraction as it was introduced to us during the lecture.
In lecture, we progressively abstracted our Item (Wine Glass) and below is the result of that. I think it ends up looking like (a) a rose or (b) a flame. The flame isn’t very relevant to wine but rosé wine..?

2013-02-05 13.56.58 2013-02-05 13.56.02

This is me progressively abstracting something key and significant to my town (Ashford). Through my reseach I see my town as a market town and, in recent years, that is due to the High Speed train that goes through Ashford Internation Station. So it stands to reason I choose the high speed train. I am really intrigued by this image. It is so clear to start with and by about image 6 and 7 it becomes almost incoherent without that prior knowledge. And not incoherent as a train- as anything! It ends up kind of looking like a stormtrooper or a shark or the profile of a pirate (wearing an eye patch).
The lines, originally windows, are very relevant to the movement of the train.

2013-02-05 13.55.35 2013-02-05 13.54.45

If I were to produce logos from these two images, I think I would have most fun with the town abstraction as there are quite a few areas to explore. The glass image would need some real work.


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