Random Inspiration

I have recently been so uninspired by Design Practice (in particular) this jewellery project. I think it is partially down to the daunting workload and partially down to me not clicking with the topic.

But last night, I was with my girlfriend, we were about to settle down and watch a movie but she decided she wanted to go and get a bar of chocolate. I said I would go to the corner shop and buy one (because I am just an amazing guy), she decided she would come to.
I was ready to leave in 2 minutes, I was more than willing to shoot up there in my trackie bottoms and a hoodie. She, however, (being a woman) thought she needed to change her, trousers and chuck a little make-up on. It would have been, and should have been, a 2 minute trip. It became a 20 minute venture and as we eventually sat down to watch the film it occurred to me- that this situation was exactly what I should create my project around.

It was a “Eureka!” moment, I thought of how I could integrate the time it takes woman to get ready for the most simple of trips with jewellery. I decided that I should pop to the shop and buy some items and contemplate how I should use them in lecture.

After my trip, I settled on the local newspaper (what says a trip to the corner shop more than that) and a selection of plastic bags.

I begun to contemplate the processes I would apply to them. I thought perhaps slicing and cutting the materials but then I had another random moment of inspiration and origami swans popped into my head. I thought about their elegance and the clichéd connotations of weddings and such things associated with them.
This was pointless without the idea I had of using these connotations to ironically contrast them with the common and unglamorous trip to corner shop.

So to summaries by route, I intent to create a gracefully elegant piece of jewellery made from shop-related tat to mock the effort woman put into the most basic of journeys.

Possible names for my piece might be:

  • Preparation for the Corner Shop
  • Corner Shop Wear
  • Corner Shop Glamour
  • Popping to the Shop
  • ‘Just’ Popping to the Shop

Disclaimer: I in no way intend to seem sexist, in my generalization of woman getting ready to leave the house.


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