Name & Logo | Starting Out

20130207_120607 20130207_125525

During lectures we were required to begin development of our brand. It needed a name and a logo. Some of my more successful names were:

  • Everglass/Everglasting/Everglast- Later realised they seem like a double glazing company.
  • One Glass/ One Last Glass/ Last Glass- Seems more like a tag line.
  • Antiglass- Gives the impression of an antifreeze-related product.
  • Indestructiglass- Not elegant enough for what I imaginged it to be.
  • Forever Glass- From the idea of an hour glass, not just an hour.. Seems like a valentines gift.
  • Thousand Hour Glass- In no way is this elegant, comes across to be like a crime thriller..

I developed the logo with the name “Everglast” partially because I had not yet realised it sounds like a double glazing company and partially because I knew I wanted a name that incorporates it’s timelessness.
There are some bad ones in there, but I did have a few I personally liked, some I didn’t and some others liked.

  • The idea of the caveman holding it, showing it’s age and ability to last. Perhaps misses the mark of elegance and sophistication?
  • The knock out image would be green, to imply earthliness. It should be like trees to show the continuation of the product but trees aren’t forever can be related to death (via cutting) and this is something I need to avoid implying to the consumers.
  • The glass chiseled into the rock, to represent strength is a good idea at first but again, if a rock can be chiseled to a shape is it strong? Is it what the product needs to imply?
  •  The strongest contender at the moment was the logotype (bottom left) but with the name subject to change, this is irrelevant.
  • This leaves the runner up the falling glass that cracks the floor (top row, one in from right). This represents everything I need to portray- strength and innovation. It is an obscure image in the sense that it wouldn’t happen so maybe the ability for a double take is what makes this one strongest?

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