Redefined Brief & Change in Core Concept

In speaking to Alan in class, I have decided it best to slightly redefine my brief. It was a little open before and so the new one is far more decisive. Here it is: Redefined Brief.
The main changes in it are that I am now 100% clear on what I am doing.. 5 months in, a little late I know!
I have set myself the challenge of 2 campaigns of similar styles and concepts. One will be a magazine campaign for developed countries, with the intention to raise awareness and potential donators to OLPC. The medium is purposely not specified so that if I want to, or feel it necessary, I can explore online adverts.
The second part of the brief was to design a billboard with the soul intention of informing undeveloped countries of OLPC, laptops & the internet.

Furthermore, I have had a realisation that my Volunteer-based concept (Combing to create something beautiful) is far too generic. Below is the original idea, loads of pixels forming a laptop. A lot of room for it to be taken further (I was thinking the Mona Lisa or Sunflowers) but it just wasn’t hitting the mark. After my last post (Campaigns) I realised that I need an certain element of guilt in.

2013-02-08 12.50.23

This next part is tricky to explain– I never wanted to go down the, over the top, route of relying upon a sad photograph to portray my message. I considered myself to be a little better than that! I thought maybe about using happy children, but is this still just as lazy? I’m sure that if I can think of powerful enough copy, the image will follow suit.

To summarise the above, I must either decide upon powerful imagery to tell my message, powerful copy to or both. NOT just an image to guilt trip people.
I hope that’s clear enough..?



So the original idea of volunteers combining was trashed, this was because my target market need to be shocked, guilt-tripped or wowed into give over their money. This would be just been a generic advert for what could have been any charity. I needed more joosh!

I had an idea mulling around in my head and every time I tried to put it to paper it made me sound extremely harsh. I think I ironed it out.
What I Was Saying: There’s enough charities out there saving their lives, but at the end of the day, what is the point if they have no prospects or future. They are alive? Great. But they aren’t going anywhere so why? One Laptop Per Child, giving them a purpose.
What I Meant to Say: One Laptop Per Child are dedicated to the next stage of third world progress, looking to ensure children secure a prosperous future and have an equal chance.

This can be summarised into a concept: Looking forward or Helping their future, not just their now.


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