Researching into Logos

I found an amazing website a few months ago and started following them on Twitter- ‘Graphic Design Junction.‘ I saw a tweet, from them, about one of their articles: ’50 Business Logo Design Inspiration #17.’ It was amazing, there were so many logos there! Many were completely irrelevant but the best thing about it was when you clicked on the logo, it took you to an external site. Here, some of the designers had posted variations, their progressions and imagery of them in use.

I have selected some of my favourite uses and styles.

First of all, I really liked this .GIF file. It’s static logo was effective enough (with the colours and it’s stunning simplicity) but the kinetic element really added a new degree of flare to the website. I am wary of kinetic logos, for myself, as I fear it will look like a completely vile and cheap website.
(click on it to see it in action)

937ebb4ab770800bbef9b6ed90fe75be837331a23319851af4840689e51320b2Above is a great use of a logo and colour scheme. This brand immediately lays down it’s identity and this instigates a feeling of security. In particular, I like the yellow sleeve around the letters. Nice touch.


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This is a beauty salon, the crown implies royalty and a royal treatment. What really pushes this notion home, however, is the tiling of the logo with other similar icons. This creates a real 18th Century and traditional royalist vibe. I think the use of this wallpaper on the back of the letters is genius, I image the paper to be of quite a thick weight and to feel really expensive to hold.
I think The logo is a crown, the brand is royalty.

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Here we have a travel logo and it’s ‘graphical solution’ (explanation). I can’t quite figure out why he has used ‘E’ and ‘Y’ but I love the simplicity in the idea of bridging the two languages and the basic use of orange to imply warmth. The tagline is so slick too, “The story begun with Yerevan”. He says he chose this because of it’s history (rather relevant to Ashford perhaps??). It just makes you want to open the city up for a read of it’s past.

5f94781961af6194a0d0756838a3b629 52b9e1081f703961a4417db9467b725d

The two above aren’t the same company but I felt they should be included here, not for their logos (I think they’re actually both quite pants) but for their uses.
The left image has been made into letter heads and business cards. I love that the business cards are all in different colours, relevant to the brands identity of course. It just adds that slight touch of personalisation and variety that makes a company seem that extra little bit more caring. The left company has also developed the logo to integrate itself with the letter head. Again, that little extra effort makes a great deal of difference to the companies image (it’s brand!).
The right image is a booklet, as I mentioned before the logo doesn’t ‘woo’ me. What does, is the professionalism that has gone into the booklet. I don’t know what it’s about but the use of a booklet to perhaps explain the company or product is something that shows due consideration for the audience.
I think both of the above images are really good examples of building a trusted and approachable brand.


This is the many logo designs for a “Chili Pepper Cross-Country Run”. Obviously something like this is american! I personally feel like 14 was the best, it shows both the chilli and the run in the best possible way. They opted for something like 17, only knocked out white on red. It seems like a logo fail as at first look you get no connotations to the cross-country run.
I chose to include this image because I love the idea of all the different logo styles and the process of developing it. They took it in the wrong direction but this made me aware of the dangers of missing a good idea.


more4-02Finally I have chose to include the rebranding for ‘More 4.’ The designer states the brief stated the redesign should “reflect its refocused lifestyle content”. He mentions that his idea was to build the ‘4’ out of colours that reflect the different aspects of lifestyle. He goes on to say “Mvsm creative directors, Tim and Mike liked one of my designs that I came up with building the logo out of colorful triangles. It had a nice and flexible form to play around. During the motion tests, the logo proved to successfully carry the idea of ‘getting more out of life’.” If I was to be honest, I don’t think that message is at all clear, but maybe I am not the intended audience.. I do like the process that went into this though. The idea of trial and error and finally a successful result that has really brought More 4 forward.



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