Sketches for my New Concept

New Concept: Helping their Future, not just their ‘now’.

20130208_171510I dove straight into developing some ideas and had 4 things I knew I wanted to play into my design. I started off with a brainstorm around the words Technology, 3rd World, Education and The Future. I jotted down lots of words related to each one to try and find one powerful way to link them all together. I ended up with words like space, robots and explore. I thought these were relatively strong start points for a powerful image.

Above are my initial sketches. Nothing seemed like it was even remotely malleable into a decent idea. I was beginning to get frustrated with the imagery so took a break and begun working on the taglines. Here is my list:

    • We supply the future
    • We consider the future, not just the ‘now’
    • We are the change in the future
    • What’s Next?
    • Save a life. Help them live.What does it really mean to save a life? What comes next?
    • You can save a life, so why shouldn’t they live?
    • Planning for their futures
    • Invest in the future, donate today
    • Donate an education. Donate the future.
    • Donate an education. Invest in the future.
    • We can save a life, so why shouldn’t we help them live?

There were a couple of these I liked and so I tried to progress these into initial designs.

Bingo, these are powerful starting points!
I made a massive mistake and wasted almost 5 hours trying to find an image that would embody my message. I lost sight of the fact that the tag line is the message and shouldn’t try to explain the image. Rather, the image should support the message.
A mistake I am annoyed I made, because I wasted so much time. But one that I am also glad I made, because now I have taught myself the hard way a lesson that I could have easily missed! <- IMPORTANT LESSON!!!


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