SWOT Analysis for “Ashford”

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

S- A prominent market/trades town with strong transport links getting in to the town and once you’re in.
W- The locals have given it a bit of a bad reputation (Trashford) and the house prices are way above average. Many of the smaller, out-of-the-centre, shops have closed in recent months. Possible market decline?
O- Play on the notion that it is a traditional market town. Has been since 16th Century, it’s what Ashford does! Very green town- public transport and recycling (also in scenic terms too).
T- 40 minutes from London. Why not just go there? More shops, more transport, more everything!!

This tells me I need to really play on the idea that Ashford has been the central hub of markets and trades since the 16th century, in a sense it’s the best town at it- experienced at it? I must avoid mentioning the population that gives Ashford it’s bad name. The closeness to London is a tricky thing- it is good because it makes Ashford convenient but bad because people could go there instead! To help this I could stress it’s history as a market town and natural beauty, something London no longer has!


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